Details of the experience

Details of the experience

Details of the experience 150 150 Ludovico

Details of the experience

Difficulty level

Each proposed outdoor experience has a section which describe the level of difficulty; such that you can pick the right activity for your level: easy, medium, hard or for everyone (the instructor will be the one setting the activity based on your skills).


For each activity the duration is reported in the description. These varies a lot depending on the activity. For instance, a Yoga lesson could last for an hour, but an hiking could last for the whole day.

Meeting point

The meeting point and the place where the activity will be enjoyed are specified for each activity. Sometimes they could be the same, other times they could be different. For instance, for a mountain bike experience you could be ask to meet in a place where it’s easy to park and then move together with the instructor where the activity will be enjoyed.


For each activity you can see who can do it and who is excluded for safety reason, for instance you could find “activity for children older than 6 years”.


Some activities can be done by people with intellectual, motor or sensory disability.

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